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Strategic challenge in the management of human capital in the industry.

“Now more than ever, the new reality demands that human capital management

models provide tangible economic and human results for the industry”

The current reality of the industry, and in general of all companies, has demanded from the areas that manage human talent a lot of attention to people's health issues and the implementation of urgent economic measures to maintain viability of many of them.

However, within this scenario, the question is, in addition, what else has to be done or on what processes should human capital management focus?

One of the conclusions expressed in different industrial forums and by human resources directors has been that, in addition to health issues and contingent economic measures, special attention should be paid to “the human capital processes that can be used directly to improve the performance of people such as training and continuous evaluation of their results ”.

The strategic challenge is for the company to be successful through the performance of the people.

Now, it is essential that any action carried out in both processes take into account the following formula:

" Few things, vital and concise +

Frequent measurements + Suitable "Human ware" "

In summary, it means that we must choose very well in what we train our people and make sure we have measured results, that we do it in a frequently manner, and above all, that the "human ware" is correct, which means, that the people who have some responsibility in these processes, do it in the right way.

Personally, and focusing specifically on what ARGO has been working on for years, I consider that today more than ever it is very important to consolidate the training processes, including the measurement of their effectiveness, as well as the performance evaluation process. With frequent monitoring, it is in our hands to consolidate what in many companies does not even exist yet, so the task is to capitalize in the best way what we have already advanced.

Text by

Juan Carlos Nigo Lagunas

JC Corporativo

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