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Process Digitization

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Implementing a Management System (MRP) for ARGO Steel Works

“ARGO has successfully implemented StruMIS MRP, meeting the needs that a company with services ranging from structural design to the assembly of various structures, plate works, equipment, etc., may have; here the control and use of materials, their traceability, and logistical control plays a fundamental role throughout the manufacturing and transformation to the final product. They have managed to integrate different management areas of the company with certainty and reliability of the information in a single place." Indicates the technical department of StruMIS Gessteel Latin America.

Digitizing production processes with the appropriate management system (MRP) has increasingly gained importance in the steel industry, and for this we must take into account that the methodology we use to implement it within an organization will determine the success to obtain from it.

The methodology used for the implementation is a key factor and for this follow-up milestones must be defined, which consist of the following stages:

1. Pre-implementation survey in order to know the starting point of the organization, as well as the organization chart.

2. Implementation planning considering even the smallest detail:

a. – What progress is necessary to achieve weekly by each of the members of the implantation team?

b. – Weekly progress reports and project controls.

3. Corrective actions if the progress planned for the week has not been reached.

ARGO trusted the StruMIS team to digitize its production processes, backed by their specialty, experience and references in the sector. However, an experienced team is not the only important factor in implementing an MRP management system.

The implementation of an MRP system may require a natural change in some processes within the company to achieve improvement in planning and productivity.

That is why the full dedication, motivation and commitment from the Management and the different users involved is important. This was the case of ARGO´s team from the first moment.

The users dedicated to the StruMIS implementation demonstrated great knowledge of the business processes, great involvement in the project, and great attitude towards the StruMIS implementation team. This point has undoubtedly been a determining factor for the correct involvement of StruMIS MRP.

“During the implantation process, adjustments and adaptations were made to their previous work methodology, showing great predisposition and flexibility. This has made it possible to migrate previous systems to have a very precise control of the processes and a single information system between all the departments, which is accessible in real time. They have achieved the digitization of their workshop, training their staff and having StruMIS devices in the plant, for production records in real time.” Adds the technical department of StruMIS Gessteel Latin America.

The vision of the Management, together with the commitment and predisposition of all ARGO users, has allowed the successful implementation of StruMIS, the most evolved MRP software for the metalworking industry in the world. This will undoubtedly allow them to continue growing as an organization, evolving and transforming themselves digitally to be at the forefront of the industry challenges that we face every day.

Text by

Gilda Núñez

Commercial Director StruMIS Gessteel Mexico & Central-america.

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