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Reinventing, again, here we go 2021

It is said that the human life process is unavoidable: being born, growing up, aging and dying.

For 126,014,024 people who inhabit this incredible country, Mexico, (population census 2020), such is our destiny. Yes, many of them will not be here due to the pandemic generated by the so-called COVID-19 virus, and for others the consequences will be permanent, but we will all have the same fate. The same thing can happen to other beings: companies.

A Company has an identical cycle that of the people, it is born out of a need, it grows as its product is accepted, after which a process of substitution of the product begins, and finally it dies.

Unlike a human being, however, a company is a sum of the talents of those who are part of it, and this allows it to adapt to the market and its needs, being able to extend its life cycle several times, more than those of the human being. In fact, it could be said that it could reach immortality (we don´t have such a Company yet, but in theory this could be).

For ARGO INDUSTRIAL GROUP, the cycle began with blacksmithing, reinventing business towards the manufacture of metallic structures, and specializing in the manufacture of plate works and industrial buildings, also being complemented with other business lines.

Today, the challenge is to reinvent ourselves again.

And I say again because this has already been done several times, and each time we have come out stronger, more solid and united, and we have found more interesting and specific markets where our product is accepted and demanded.

The use of equipment with the latest technology, remote work, sharing information in real time, applying better remote communication methods, updating our marketing media, using simple digital presentations, selling pre-made kits, specialization and differentiation are some of the practices that this year we must begin to use in our day to day.

And above this, we must be the first to do so.


Text by

Gerardo Bocard Meraz

CFO ARGO Industrial Group

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